Gearing up for Spring Season [1]

Photo of Rib Lake, WI - Spring Season approaching.

RIB LAKE-April 19, 2014: Talk about "Repeats"! WOW a mid-week heavy snow and we are blanketed. Just that much more snow to melt though. Weather forecast today is to be in the 50s, so the now will be going away (again)!

For really early season campers, Lakeview Tourist Park is now open for the season as of Tuesday, April 15th. The water is not yet activated until warmer weather. Happy camping & keep those campfires going!

Watch here for up-coming news about mid-May activities on the Rib Lake segment of the Ice Age Trail. Volunteers are welcome to help with this multi-year project. «»

RIB LAKE-April 12, 2014: Just a week later and most of the snow pack is gone, just small piles on north slopes and shady spots. A few nice spring rains and the land will start greening up. A time of joy and new growth.

Soon there will be open water on Rib Lake. Years ago there used to be an "Ice Out" contest with the barrel and timer with tickets to be the prize winner. Really soft ice out there now, and thoughts of Saturday, May 3 fishing season opener. «»

RIB LAKE-April 4, 2014: Here we are at the start of April and it seems strange to be writing about spring. Today we just got blitzed from a late winter snow storm about 5 inches with mixed in ice pellets, rain and heavy wet snow.

Just days earlier, the lake ice was softening up with melt water on top. Birds chirping and announcing that spring is on the way. Weather forecast is for continued melting and warmer daytimes with cold nights, perfect for maple syrup making. «»

RIB LAKE-March 31, 2014: Lakeview Tourist Park opens for the season on April 15th for early season camping. Note that the water will not be activated until warmer weather to be sure pipes will not freeze. Same rates as last season. Happy camping! «»

RIB LAKE-March 28, 2014: Quite the surprise to be shoveling snow this morning and see it all melt this afternoon. Typical weather this time of year.Funny how 30-40 degrees actually seems warm now.

Seeing a few more deer along roadsides, mostly looking confused. And roaming bunches of wild turkeys. No doubt they are all wondering where is the new spring growth? With the snowbanks melting away, it's a sure sign that spring is on the way. «»

RIB LAKE-March 22, 2014: Spring (officially) is here and the days are getting longer. There are still snow piles slowly melting down from this past winter.

The first "open water" is usually along Hwy 102 along the lake north side. Many are looking forward to the last ice-out on Rib Lake.

The new Rib Lake Walking Path extends east from Hwy 102 and CTH D through the village and along Rib Lake to Lake Shore Drive.

Soon it will be time to be getting ready for the fishing season opener, Saturday, May 3rd. «»

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Rib Lake Ice Age Days 2014 [2]

Photo of Rib Lake Ice Age Days - Aug. 8, 2013.

Mark your calendars now for the second weekend of August, August 8, 9, and 10, 2014 and plan to visit Rib Lake, Wisconsin. This is a community-wide celebration with events and activities for the entire family. A great fun time!

  • Earl's Rides ~ Carnival for All Ages
  • Antique Chainsaw & Drag Saw
  • Food Courts
  • 10th Annual Car Show
  • Drive 4UR School, All Weekend
  • Mini Rod Pulls
  • Tractor Ride
  • Bean Bag Tournament
  • Rib Lake Ice Age Days Raffle
  • Ice Age Days Parade
Photo of 'Ugh' wood carving, the Ice Age Days official mascott. Rib Lake, Wisconsin.

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New Updated Website [3]

Announcing Rib Lake New Website

It is important that our Rib Lake website is easily found and used by mobile visitors. Our website is updated for new technology usage with smartphones, tablets, wide displays and laptop computers.

A mobile device screen, whether it be a smartphone or tablet PC, displays a website differently than a laptop or desktop PC. Users navigate with their fingers, which is a vastly different exercise from navigating precisely with a mouse.

The original website template (Responsiva) is downloaded from free website templates website.

Our Rib Lake website is now designed to provide a pleasant user experience for all people who visit with all devices: laptop, desktop, tablet PC, and smartphone users. «»

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